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Regency RomanceOne-act plays: comedy and drama play scripts, as well as complete scripts of full-length plays and musicals, with their current state of development and/or production histories. Follow the progress of the musical Precious Bane in development!

For actors and drama students:

Nearly 100 free monologues excerpted from the plays and more than 200 one-minute mouth-off monologues, all of which can be sorted by gender, age, length and genre. Use of these monologues is free for auditions and classroom exercises. 

For the theatre-going public and theatre afficionados:

G.L. Horton's theatre blogSchedule of upcoming performances of G.L. Horton's plays and Geralyn Horton's acting, listings of recent performances including links to photos of those productions.

G.L. Horton's 2006-9 blog on theatre. View old blog here. My Password's finally recovered, so I can resume. But it may be better to begin puting news and short opinions on Geralyn Horton's Facebook Page.

Activities, Productions and Performances

Precious Bane - The Musical
Two free presentations of excerpts from this romantic new show will play at the Durant-Kenrick House on Saturday October 18, 2014 at 2:30 and 4:00 PM. The concert will be followed by a Q&A session with Composer Miriam Raiken-Kolb and Playwright G.L. Horton.

Newton Playwrights Group
Continues into 2012 at the Newton Mass. Free Library. Meetings/readings 3rd Thursday of the month @ 7pm. Open to the public.

Theatre Communications Group Conf. in Boston (StageSource)
June 21-23, 2012: attended as Independent Artist

Best Actor Award for Horton performing:
June 8-16 2012 Summer Festival Playwrights Platform
Carol in Cafe Latte Seduction, by Sandra Weintraub

Recent Productions and Performances

Ta-Dah! 40th Playwrights Platform Festival Opens June 8th!

SwanDay—Scene and song from our new Musical, Precious Bane!
Sunday, March 25, 2012, at Boston Playwrights Theatre.

SWAN (Support Women Artists Now) Day is an international holiday that celebrates women artists. Newton playwright/singer Geralyn Horton is Mother Sarn in an excerpt from PRECIOUS BANE, composer Miriam Raiken-Kolb, accompanies. Shannon Muhs as the heroine, Prue Sarn.

6th Annual Our Voices Festival: 2012 Selected Plays & Playwrights March 24
Horton in Ellen Sullivan’s Call of Duty
June Lewin will perform in Smart Doggie! by G.L. Horton
Regis College Fine Arts Center, Black Box Theater, Weston, MA

This annual all-day SWAN DAY celebration also features a morning of more informal readings of women playwrights and an afternoon workshop for participating playwrights.

Dramatists' Guild National Conf. at George Mason U in D.C.
June 9-12 2011: attended and met up with ICWPers and Women's Initiative

Horton the Actor performed:
June 17-19 2011 Summer Festival Playwrights Platform Phoebie Jeebies, Sandra Weintraub
NYC April 2010 One Woman Standing: Turbulence by Rosanna Alfaro
NYC Oct 2009 Estrogenius Solo Voce: Turbulence by Rosanna Alfaro

Some of the Productions of Plays by G. L. Horton -- 2013-11
Jan 2013 On Speaking Terms Niagara U
Nov Regency Romance Richardson TX HS
Oct Fantasia for String Trio Sussex, VA HS
Oct Under Cover Malone U
Sept Autumn Leaves Mensa Georgia Gathering
Sept Unplugged Canadian HS Drama
Sept Happy Hour, Library Actors, Melbourne Australia
Aug Eulogy Trumbauer HS Festival, Alabama
Aug Playing in the Bush League Readers' Theatre
Aug Showtime Parktown HS South Africa
June A Late Lunch Staley HS, Kansas City MO
June Cast Spell RAF Halton Dramatics Club, England
June Regency Romance, Petra Christian U, Surabaya Indonesia
May Autumn Leaves Balikpapan U, Indonesia
Apr All For Love Strathmore HS, AB Canada
Feb Inquest Chatfield HS MN
Feb Happy Hour, Toronto High School
Jan 2012 Conventional Behavior Aurora HS Ontario Canada
Jan The Thingjimmy Spruce Grove HS
Jan 3, Best Practice, Smith School of Acting
Dec 15 Eulogy, National Thespian Competition
Dec 15, Mary from Under Siege, National Thespian Competition
Dec 6 - 7th Jenny Does Shakespeare, Alvernia University
Dec 1-3rd Kiss the Twins for Me, Coffeyville Community College
Dec 15-18th Cast Spell, Sir William Molock Drama Guild
Nov 19th Spirit and Flesh, Texas UIL Contest Tulia High School.
Nov 11-12th Party, Party; Eastwood Collegiate Inst. Kichner, Canada
Nov 9-12th Deus Ex Machina, KATS Theatre Kilkenny Ireland
Oct 6th Conventional Behavior, Prague High School Oklahoma
April 29-30th Kiss the Twins for Me, Oskaloosa H.S. Iowa
April 28-30th Ruling Passion, Newton South High School, Mass.

Toastmaster Presentations
May Unplugged Empire Toastmasters, King NC
Sept Rehabilitation Queensland Toastmasters
Aug One Fiery Leaf Mattel Toastmasters
One Fiery Leaf, Chandler Arizona;
All For Love, Colorado Springs CO:
One Song, 813 Area

in the Boston area 2012
Dec 9 Have Yourself a Merry Little.. Playwrights Platform reading
Nov 6th Blood Money, Playwrights Platform
June 17-19 Kiss the Twins for Me, Playwrights Platform Festival
Mar 26, 2011, Kiss the Twins for Me: Our Voices V: Regis College
Nov 14th Party, Party, Playwrights Platform reading/critique
Nov 14th Kiss the Twins for Me, Playwrights Platform reading
June 10-12 On Speaking Terms, Playwrights Platform Summer Fest
Mar 28th Sorcerers' Apprentice, Boston Playwrights Theatre/SwanDay
Feb 27th All For Love, in Our Voices Together/SwanDay
Mar 14th On Speaking Terms, One Song, Playwrights Platform reading/ critique.

Horton as Actor in staged readings 2013-09
Jan 2, 2011 Distant Relations: Fuller/Emerson, by Mark Harris, at 10:15am
First Unitarian Society in Newton.
at Playwrights Platform
Jan 13 2013 Dandelion Tea by Inez Hedges
Dec 9 2012 Have Yourself a Merry Little.. by G.L. Horton
Nov 25 Three and 1/2 Seductions by Sandra Weintraub
Oct 28 Our Capital by George Masselam
Oct 28 Blood Money by G.L. Horton
Oct 28 La Madre Del Vinagre by George Smart
Sept. 23 Curtain by Marika Barnett
Sept 23 Play About Two People by Carolyn Palo
Sept 9, 2012 Forlorn? Try Porn. by Sandra Weintraub
Jan 23, 2012 Love Potion #9, by Pam Newton
Nov 20th Dress Rehearsal, by Ludmilla Amselm
Nov 20th Caffe Latte: Late Seduction, by Sandra Weintraub
Oct 30th Mom Play, by Phyllis Rittner
Sept 25th Let It Lie, by George Smart
May 8th, 2011 A Dog and His Boys, by George Smart
Mar 20th, 2011, Abby and Angie, by George Masselam
Mar 6th, Mother and Daughter, by Ludmila Anselm
Mar 6th, That Fool's Emperor, by Skip Schloming
Feb 13, 2011, Coffee Shop Romance, by Sandra Wientraub
Dec 5th, 2010, Alienation of Affection, by Sandra Wientraub
Nov 21st Sundown, by March Schrader
Nov 14th Triumph by Istvan Ver
Nov 14th Phoebe Jeebies by Sandra Weintraub
Oct 17th Abby and Angie, by George Masselam
Oct 17th On a Cliff, by George Masselam
Apr 24th Daisy and Mohammed, by Sandra Wientraub
Apr 11 Curtain, by Marika Barnett
Apr 11 Self-Portrait, by Regina Eliot Ramsey
Feb 7th One Song, by G.L.Horton
Jan 24th Absence, by Peter M. Floyd
Jan 10th That Fool's Emperor, by Skip Schloming
Jan 10th 2010,The Summit, by William Miller
Dec 13th 2009, Yiddish Land, by Ellen Sullivan
Oct 4th My Daughter Can't Marry No A-Rab, by George Masselam
Sept 2oth 2009, Bad Language, by Sandra Weintraub

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Recent One Acts!

Party, Party: Tea and Antipathy, and Kiss the Twins For Me (2011) On Speaking Terms, and One Song, (2010) and the newly relevant revision of Sacred Space

Videos and mp3s:

On YouTube: Deus Ex Machina Pt One, and Deus Ex Machina Pt Two, produced by students at Oakland University, MI. See all eight YouTube performances of G.L. Horton plays and monologues.
On Private Page: June Festival performance of Weintraub's Phoebe Jeebies and Kiss the Twins for Me.

This site also has 3 Juke Boxes of actors reading selected monologues and one acts (mp3 recordings)—on the monologues, mouth-offs, and one-act play pages.

Watch also for the symbols headphones and hear monologue on podcast

Check out our "Radio Show" with actors and theatre mavins commenting on the state of local events and happenings in theatre — together with monologues from this site.

Playwright Interview Podcasts from the ICWP 2010 annual Summer Retreat at Ohio State University
which was July 18-25th in Columbus. Horton and colleagues worked on their scripts with Prof. Alan Woods of OSU and volunteer actors. Oh, Joy! The Retreat has its own Blog.

Fascinating!!! Love the podcasts...the production qualities are wonderful (I don't know why I expected any less, but I was pleasantly surprised). Have been on assorted areas of your web site for the past hour, enjoying your writing, your intelligence, your multiple voices, the spirit of largesse and the general abundance of information. I remembered that I wanted to go and see Lisa Kron's production at the Huntington, but never made it. Reading your commentary reminded me why I wished I had gone. --DR

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Geralyn Horton acting

in staged readings at Playwrights Platform, Lasell College, Newton
Jan 24th Absence by Peter M. Floyd
Jan 10th 2010, That Fool's Emperor by Skip Schloming
Jan 10th The Summit by William Miller
Dec 13th 2009, Yiddish Land by Ellen Sullivan
Oct 4th My Daughter Can't Marry No A Rab by George Masselam
Sept 2oth Bad Language by Sandra Weintraub

G.L. Horton plays and monologues on stage

Performances Mar & Feb 2010
Beyond Measure - Theatre Lab UC Riverside CA
Skinny Teeth -- Riverspring Theatre Arts, CA
A Pregnant Pause -- Dickenson State U, ND
And The Lion Shall Lie Down With..
--Mckendree U, IL
Jenny Does Shakespeare -- Columbia Drama Club, SC
Help Wanted -- Teacher Training College, The Netherlands
"Frank" from Inquest -- Irene Ryan Contest, Reno, NE
Regency Romance -- Houston H.S. Drama, MO
Consider the Alpha Male -- College Talent Contest, SC
Speed Dating w/A Divorce Lawyer -- Jefferson H.S.Cedar Rapids, IO "Elaine" from Inquest --Jefferson H.S.,Cedar Rapids, IO
Deus Ex Machina -- Lord Fairfax Com. College, VA
Skinny Teeth-- Ottawa School of Speech and Drama, Canada
Heaven and Hades -- Pec Playhouse, Pecatonica, IL
Christmas at Grandma's -- Battlefield High, Haymarket VA
The 10:04; in Love and War -- Dramatic Interpretation Contest
Deus Ex Machina -- Lord Fairfax Community College, VA
"Elaine" from Inquest -- Vox Femina, Midtown Arts, Houston TX
Cast Spell-- One Act Festival, Mandurah, Australia
One Fiery Leaf-- Dean's H. S. Drama Club
3 Mouth-Offs -- Ocean Coounty College, NJ
The Gender Agenda -- Orange County Community College, CA
Cast Spell-- Owensboro Community College
The 10:04; in Love and War -- Senior Drama Workshop, Sunrise, CA
"Elaine" from Inquest -- Toastmasters, Brisbane, Australia
Cast Spell-- Edenvale Drama Society, South Africa
Deus Ex Machina-- No Drama Theatre, Dublin Ireland
Regency Romance -- Mass College of Liberal Arts
A Late Lunch -- Berea High School
ShowTime -- Toastmasters, Richmond, VA
Help Wanted--Toastmasters, Richmond, VA
Elegy --Toastmasters, Richmond, VA

Recent Past Acting

August '09 at ICWP retreat at Ohio State U, nightly play readings
April '09 Our Voices Together, Turtle Lane, in Sarah of Wasilla &
Barnett's Last Thought
May '09 Terry Crystal's Caitlin County Hemp Wars musical
Nov 6 Newton Playwrights Group Work-In-Progress at Arsenal Center
Nov 9 Smoke by Dan Bancroft -Platform
Nov 17 directed Chekhov's Last Love by Ludmila Anselm, Piano factory
Nov 25 Caitlin County Hemp Wars musical by Terry Crystal
Dec 7 The Perfect Match by Marika Barnett -Platform
January Escape by Marika Bennett First (W)Rites, Cambridge Center
February Stayin' Alive & Interview New TV, Newton Community Cable
March Madness/SwanDay— Turbulence by Rosanna Alfaro
& Stayin' Alive by Sandra Weintraub Boston Playwrights Theatre

Geralyn as Martha MitchellGeralyn performs "Martha Mitchell, in mostly her own words", a solo one-act musical by Rosanna Yamagiwa Alfaro — at the Six Figures Festival in NYC earlier this year, at the West End Theatre. Book the show for your area now!


Upcoming and Recent Productions

See also recent productions of G.L. Horton plays for a tally of earlier productions and links to pictures.

Women's History Month & SWAN Day Celebrations G.L. took part as Writer, Producer, and Actor, in NYC and in Boston in 2007, 2008, 2009, and 2010. Read about these exciting events as they take shape at the SwanDay or the ICWP Site.

Essays: For the newest essays, see her stageblog-GLHorton. You can also read G.L. Horton's earlier commentary and opinions on the theatre.

Monologues: The One-Minute Mouth-Offs monologues are not from any of the plays, and are added to regularly. This site's listing of free monologues can be sorted by age, length of monologue, and genre (drama/comedy).

See also...

Requests and testimonials

I think doing voice-overs for your website would be a perfect starting project for the actors in our new Actors in Residence program! Once the casting is complete we can grab the actors and set a date to do the recordings. We will be in touch! --CM

I teach english and drama in a Georgia high school, and I was looking for lesson plan ideas when I came across your website. It is wonderful. You provide an incredible resource for educators. Thanks! --KB

I'd like to encourage many to read Geralyn's "Under Siege" - it is an important, important piece of work, and challenges ALL. I tried once to hook it up with a college Theatre Dept - a great venue for it IMO, to no avail. I'd like to challenge someone to produce it. But please. Read this play. And THINK. It is why theatre is. --AN

Geralyn, your website has been an invaluable resource to actors at my studio. It's been posted on the TAS bulletin board for years. I will make sure from now on that when any TAS actor uses one of your monologues, that they take the time to acknowledge you -- personally. The Internet is, indeed, your muse -- and you share your works generously. Good karma. The word spreads. --Bill Smith, THE ACTING STUDIO in Denver, CO.

More testimonials about G.L. Horton's plays and monologues.

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