Her-Rah!! Celebration
Sat. Nov.8th, 12:00- 4:30pm
Central Square Public Library

12 noon
Playwriting Workshop
with Janet Kenney
Playwright in Residence at U/Mass Boston
followed by Group Write

1:30 pm

by Ginger Lazarus
performed by Helen McElwain

"Saturday Night/Sunday Morning" from CHURCH
by Eliza Wyatt
Solly ... Patrick Brennan
Tori ... Noel Armstrong.

"The Way a Tulip Fades"
by Janet Kenney
performed by Janet Kenney

"A Floor Between Us"
written and directed by Debra Wiess
Penelope ... Barbara Bouquegnea
Felix ... John Shanahan;
narrated by June Lewin

"Kintry Matters"
by G.L.Horton,
Kintry ... Noel Armstrong,
Hammond ... Jayk Gallagher,
Blakenley ... Robert Bonotto,
Betty ... Helen McElwain

"He Looks Like a Burrito"
by Rebecca Saunders
performed by Rebecca Saunders and Kathy Hammond.

Open Mike 3:30

Sponsored by the International Centre for Women Playwrights
for local info; http://www.stagepage.info//Hrahpage/herah1.html

Evening performances today at 6:30 pm and tommorow at 7 pm
are at Wheelock Family Theatre 200 The Riverway