Her-Rah!! Celebration,
Sat. Nov.8th, 6:30-9:30pm

The Emancipation of Mandy and Miz Ellie (Excerpt)
by Lois Roach; directed by Lois Roach ; (special thanks to Victoria Marsh)
Mandy...Jessica Chance
Miz Ellie... Kelly Lawman

A State of Grace: Faith Dances in the Kitchen (Excerpt),
based on works of Grace Paley. Monologue taken from Paley’s “A Midrash on Happiness.”
Performed by Debra Wise

Body and Sold Part I: South Asia (Excerpt),
based on orginal interview material from two rehabilitation shelters in India; Sanlaap, Calcutta,
and Maiti Mumbai-Rescue Foundation, Bombay.
by Deborah Lake Fortson; directed by Deborah Lake Fortson
Cast: Kaoru Abe, Alexander Albregts, Pilar Carrington, Liz Korabek, Pallavi Nagesha,
Cliff Odle, Erika Salazar, Julia Soyer, Lisa Tucker, Kali Walker.<

Down to Earth (Excerpt)
by Rosanna Yamagiwa Alfaro; directed by Daniel Gidron
Hephaestus, 10... Olivia Wise
Hera, his mother... Stephanie Clayman

Jerusalem Tea
by Beverly Scott; directed by Daniel Gidron
Fanny... Stephanie Clayman
Nitza... Nitzan Halperin

The Curious Walk of the Salamander (Excerpt)
by Kirsten Greenidge; directed by Kirsten Greenidge
Setting: A suburban housing project. Time: Present
Henry, 14... Weslie Turner
Gloria, her mother... Jacqueline Hines

A Place Like This
written and performed by Shelby Allen

Mr. Llewelyn
by Monica Raymond; directed by Lisa Wolpe
Laura... Jennifer Makholm
Candace... Laura DeCesare
Mr. Llewelyn... Dev Luthra

Women Playwrights Today: Avenues and Strategies 8:30pm

Panelists: Joyce Van Dyke, playwright; Jane Staab, artistic director, Wheelock Family Theatre;
Debra Wise, co-founder, Underground Railway Theatre & co-producer, Women on Top Theatre Festival; Rebecca Low, assistant to the Producing Artistic Director, Lyric Stage; Mary McCullough, playwright, artistic director of Streetfeet Co.