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StagePage is the home of writer/actor Geralyn (aka "G.L.") Horton.

This site offers more than 100 free monologues, scenes, and one-act plays by GLH for actors and directors to use as audition pieces and classroom exercises. Excerpts from longer dramas and comedies, plus reviews and essays by this passionately opinionated member of the online theater community, are posted here for reading.

Clicking on One Acts will bring you to the Full Texts of my Short Plays, from ten minutes to one hour. Full Length Plays include some scripts that are published in their entirety, and synopses and scenes from others. Fill out an E-Mail request and I'll supply the full scripts. Cast size ranges from 2 to 27, and all my plays have good roles for women. Bio is an account of My Life in Art in Church Basement Theater beginning at the age of 5. My Acting Resume gives photos and lists some of the approximately 200 roles I've performed. For theatre criticism published over the past decade on the AisleSay or TheaterMirror web sites, click Reviews.

Stagepage was the host for The Playwrights Platform Page from 1997-2001. This link now takes you to the Platform's new site at www.playwrightsplatform.org for information about that 30-year-old Boston writer's group. Links contains pointers to other sites that cover Boston Theater and/or Actors & Playwrights.

Feel free to Read or Quote any of my writings, but please respect my © Copyright and Contact me for Permission to Perform or Reproduce my work. Feedback is welcome—let's talk about THEATER!


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