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These monologues are © copyrighted by G.L. Horton. Permission is hereby granted to students, actors, and drama teachers to use these monologues for auditions and classroom exercises. For any other use, please Contact the author for permission. Be sure to mention the title you want to use!

* The 10:04 to London
    MIRA: 15 min, 40-50's. Worldly beauty tells a screenwriter her dangerous past.
* The 12:22 Brighton Train
    PAMELA: 15 min, 30-40's. A party girl rides back late from London.
* Autumn Leaves:
    JANET: 1 & 3 mins. When I was Young: On the shady side of 50, Janet celebrates the joys of autumn, past and present.
* Beyond Measure: Payback time.
    GRACE: 40's-60's; bitter first wife.
* The Blooming 'Cycles: Motorcyclist waxes poetic about spring
    CYCLIST: 4 min, any age, comedy.
* listen to this monologueBoston's Brothers in Liberty: Musical drama about events leading to 1770 Boston Massacre.
  Men: REVEREND DILLON: 1-3 mins, Congregational minister preaches rebellion.
NARRATOR: 1 min. any age (or sex). Tale of riot sparked by shopkeeper's actions.
LUKE: 1-2 mins. Young teenager eager for a fight.
  Women:  MARY: 1 min, ponders freedom as no
more than a choice of masters.
SERENA (teenager): 1 min, Says girl kidnapped
by savages prefers to stay with them.
SARAH: 1 min, Serena's mother thinks Rebellion
has gone too deep.
* listen to this monologueCast Spell: a cast party begins with ghost stories and ends in horror.
  Men: RICH: 1-2 mins. 20's-30. Leading man tells a childhood ghost story.
GREG: 1-3 mins. Composer tells a recent ghost story.
  Women:  MICKI: 1-2 mins. teen assistant stage manager; under the influence of alcohol and a srong personality, she flips into a terrifying trance.
BECKY: 1-2 mins. a retired B movie actress tells of the time she met Charlie, the studio ghost.
VERNA: 1-5 mins. The cast's leading lady reveals her version of The Method, and tells the tallest ghost story of all.
* Conventional Behavior: Romantic Comedy at a Science Fiction Convention.
  Men: HAL: 1-3 mins. late teens or 20's. Newbie seeks a soulmate among the Fen.
RAY GUN: 1-3 mins. late teens or early 20's. Swashbuckling Space Pirate.
  Women:  F.E.: 1-5 mins. late teens or 20's; Bookworm who aspires to be a science fiction writer tells all to a Newbie.
* Elegy
    RAYMOND: an aging violinist gives a heartfelt warning to a talented young musician.
* The Eulogy
    listen to this monologueDAUGHTER: 3 min, 20's-60's. Explains why her eulogy of father was all "hearsay."
* Fantasia for String Trio: Romantic Comedy
    listen to this monologueHARRY: 40; on perils of driving and dealing with the Opposite Sex.
    MRS. HARMONY: 20-40; a fantasy "perfect wife" from 1800 reports on her daily duties.
NANNY: 20-40, the "perfect servant" offers her services, comfort and joy.
* Happy Hour: such fun!
    JAY: 30's-40's, scams playwrights.
* Haunted House: drama
    listen to this monologueNEPHEW or NIECE: 5 mins, 30's-50's. Uncle Barney's Haunted House -- a unique Halloween experience.
* In the Livery of the Immortals: comedy
    INGRID: 10-12 mins, 30's-40's. She lives large while working internationally to advance the Legend of a Mythic Action Hero.
* Inquest: Husband and wife, son was killed.
    listen to this monologueFRANK: 30's-50's; seven 1-15 min monologues
    ELAINE: 30's-40's; six 1-15 min monologues
* Intercourse, Ohio: A bookworm from a small town begins her Life In Art, 1959.
  Women:  BJ: 18; the bookworm (6 monologues of BJ's discoveries about her hopes versus realities)
MRS. CARTWRIGHT: 50; dorm matron (2 monologues, gives BJ advice about Life In General and Dorm Life in particular)
DR. OHLOFF: 50; psychologist (tells BJ she's "normal")
RACHEL: late 20's, faculty wife (gives BJ different advice about Life)
* Jenna's Jobs: comedy
    JENNA: 4 min. A young woman whose Big Question is answered by work that's really play.
* Jenny Does Shakespeare: comedy
    JENNY: 25 min. Teen overwhelmed when she stands before Shakespeare scholars.
* Maggie's Advice to Lovelorn: comedy
    MAGGIE: 12 min, 30-50's; Love goddess gives sympathy and advice. But miracles?
* A New York Actor: comedy
    ACTOR: 3 min, 20's-40's. On the ironies of acting in commercials in New York.
* Oh, Baby, Baby!
    ALIA: 10 mins, 20-30. She dances on the knife's edge in the Middle East.
* The Prophet Freeman: "Preaching" (3 monologues)
  Men: PROPHET: 30's-60's. He comes to liberate the dispossessed American Farmer.
* Ruling Passion: The Duxbury Ladies' Club's Outstanding Woman of History Costume Contest is a comic mix of beauty and brains.
  Men: PROFESSOR PRICE: 40; Duxbury Dictator judges the Outstanding Woman of History Contest.
  Women:  ELEANOR ROOSEVELT: 30-60's
JOAN OF ARC: 20-40
* Snakes and Ladders:
    PYTHIA: 10 min, 30's-60; imparts the wisdom of the serpent in belly dance.
* Speed Dating with a Divorce Lawyer
    HUGH: 2 min, 30's-40's; talks to Speed Date about pitfalls of marriage.
* The T Show: Passengers and drivers on the Boston MBTA when the T first hired Ladies to operate trains & busses.

A GOOD JOB: 30-60; boss's speech to motivate the new recruits.
DON'T TRY TOO HARD: 30-60; a wise guy gives trainees the real scoop.
BOPPING BOBBIE: 30-60; story of the gal with a yen for bus driving men.
YOUR TROLLY: 30-60; tricks of the tracks and the trade.
THE SCENIC ROUTE: 30-60; more lore.
TRAILERMAN: 30-50; no where guy.
DRIVER WHOOPS #1: 30-50; discovers you Can't Bluff the Blind.
WHOOPS #2: 30-50 so many accidents they Had to make me a starter.
DIMMIE LEGEND: 20-50. The all time worst employee ever.
HOMICIDE: 20-50's; another tall tale about Dimmie.
COMIC COLLECTOR: 30-60; selling tokens and stand-up routines
BLACK & PROUD: 20-60
GOSSIP: 20-50's; tall tale
BLIZZARD of 1978: 20-50's; story

  Women:  LADY: 30's-60's; from Egypt.
PUNK GIRL: teen, 20's; hostile.
BAGS MARY: 40-60's; sly lady hobo.
20-50's; a legend
HOMICIDE: 20-50's; tall tale.
GOSSIP: 20-50's; tall tale.
BLIZZARD of 1978: 20-50's; story.
* A Teacher of African Dance: 5 min solo from the Dance Camp Plays.
    ALTHEA: 40-50's; African Arts lessons from a troubled mother.
* Under Siege: 1-5 min. Patients and counselors at an abortion clinic which is under attack by Pro-Life protestors.
    listen to this monologuePatients:
JUDY: a 12-year old; perky but pregnant.
MARY: teen; wants to keep baby.
SIS: young teen: incest, hostility.
TINA: older teen; a date rape.
MARIA: 20-30; battered wife.
RUTH: 20-30; raped by friend's husband.
GALE: 20's- 30's; demanding career and unsatisfactory boyfriend.
GRETEL: 20-30; concerned about her partner's feelings.
CAROLYN: 30-40's, shy, 2nd time.
ANDREA: 20-40; addict with AIDS.
SUE: 30-50, a fiesty alcoholic.
JAN: late 30's-50's; resentful.
JILL: 20-30; bulimic working class woman, skilled counselor.
EMILY: 20's; insecure during her first days on the job.
SALLY: 30-40; head counselor, balance compassion with reality.
ALLISON: late 20's to 30's; "overqualified" for counseling work.
MARTHA: 40-60; grandmother.
SHERRIE: 40's-60, fireball who had an abortion in the bad old days.
* Walter the Warrior: therapist who leads Men's Groups
    listen to this monologueWALTER: 3 min, 20's-40's

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These monologues are © copyrighted by G.L. Horton. Permission is hereby granted to students, actors, and drama teachers to use these monologues for auditions and classroom exercises. For any other use, please Contact the author for permission. Be sure to mention the title you want to use!


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