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Walter The Warrior
Young man's monologue From "Bliss Sketches"

By G. L. Horton
copyright © 2000 Geralyn Horton

Walter, a well developed young man, is a therapist who leads Men's Groups in the Way of the Warrior.

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The Warrior

Yeah, we bang the drums. We go out in the woods and dance naked around campfires. We do the Robert Bly thing and chant poems, or we howl like wolves. But as far as the Battle of the Sexes goes, you've misunderstood. The Way of the Warrior is not a glorification of violence. Far from it. It's about courage, yes. But it's about the kind of courage that means facing how things really are, and telling the truth about that, telling it how it is.

Men growing up in this society get the idea that manliness equals aggression. Sensitivity is weakness is female is gay. The only emotion a real man shows is anger. He's dominance personified, every gesture he makes is a threat. Dis him, he's got to waste you. This trash comes to the kid from kid culture, where it looks to a kid like strength, like honor and courage. But it's not, it's a mask for fear. Most people fight from fear-- instinct, kicking in with the old fight or flight response. But a Warrior moves through fear and comes out beyond it. He's at the point where you can say of him: "His strength is as the strength of ten, because his heart is pure". That's the man you want for a Mentor. A man of Peace, because he has peeled off the masks and faced his fears. Howling like a wolf is how a man reclaims his sensitivity.

Of course, Yes! to martial arts: one of the subjects I've had to master to lead groups is martial arts. A Warrior has to know how to fight, and be ready to fight. But the main thing is that the Mentor shows you that fighting is a choice, made mindfully, from a position of balance and freedom. You're not to fight for status or greed or revenge or to prove something, and you're certainly not to fight for yourself,---you're not even personally invested in the outcome. I know-- it's not easy to explain. That's why there's training-- you learn by example and practice, not explanation.

I took the warrior training 4 years ago, right after the break up of a long term relationship. It worked, so far as it helped me get myself back together, and I felt then that becoming a group leader might turn out to be the right path for me. But I could see that I still had issues, and I dropped out for a while. I worked in a New Age bookstore, and hung out at the beach and the gym. It wasn't until last year that I did my residency. I was worried that it had been too long since my training , but when I saw the guys who had just come out and were all eager to jump right in and apply all the new stuff they'd learned under pressure, I was glad I'd had the time to let it mellow.

Therapy is therapy. It's connected at one end to mysticism, a way of orienting yourself to nature and the universe, getting right with God or the gods. On the other end it's just a band aid, a patch up job for the knocks you've taken going around the block. It's all the same, but every kind's different. The way of the warrior isn't just patch-up. We claim that a guided encounter with the archetypes lifts the individual up a level, to where he has access beyond his social situation and his own hang ups. But still, the process has to start where the individual is now, and deal. So when people ask me, "what's a men's group like?" I say, "what's a kids' play group like? What's a sewing circle?" There are as many kinds as there are kinds of men. The make up of the people in it determines the group. Of course, if I'm leading it, it'll be somewhat like me. How can I get away from that? So I warn the guys: use your bullshit detectors. I don't ever BS on purpose, but BS comes out of a man's mouth as naturally as it comes from a bull's behind. Eternal vigilance!


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