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concerning plays by G.L. Horton

Hello! I am a 17 year old in Kenosha, Wisconsin. My Drama Club at my school is doing a play and I have to find a monologue to memerize and do for the audition. I was looking around on the internet (a very trusty source) and I found your site. I just wanted to tell you that I love your website and I will be using one of your one-minute monologues for students and auditions-- one on religion. I really like them, and wanted to also say thank you very much! --AL (02/01/08)

GL Horton replies: Thank you!

Hello there! I am a theatre student at Oakland University in Rochester Hills, Michigan. I am in a directing class in which we are to direct scense for a presentation in our black box theatre. I would be honored if you were to give me your permission and blessing to perform "Deus Ex Machine." I love your script, it is full of wit and spunk. This past summer I studied theatre in Greece and when I stumbled upon this script, I couldn't put it down. Forseeing this directing project I kept coming back to your script. Please let me know at your earliest convience. Thank you so much. --KN (11/30/07)

GL Horton replies: Yes, you may. If this is an in-class project this email is permission. Break a leg! If it is a ticket-selling production we'll need a simple email contract with date(s) & venue. PS: It actually had a staged reading in Athens Greece when I was there in 2000 for the Women Playwrights International Conference. Awesome!

I am the middle school and high school drama director for Highland Park ISD in Amarillo, Texas. I just wanted to say thank you for having so many good monologues on your website for us to use. I have been reviewing your site for a few days now and I just wanted you to know that I appreciate the help. --PC (11/28/07)

GL Horton replies: Thank you! A kind word from time to time is wonderful encouragement.

I would like to use your one act play Conventional Behavior. I am doing a One-Act play for my theatre class, Stage and Play Production. If I could get some scripts. that would be great. I would like to know your answere as soon as possible. Thank you. --MK (11/26/07)

GL Horton replies: I am happy to give permissions for performances of my plays. However-- I need the facts: What kind of "use"-- in class, or public performance? Free or tickets sold? Date(s)? Venue? Name of producer/director/person or institution legally responsible? In class use is easy: send me back your name and school and this email can serve as permission. Just download and print out copies of the script for your actors. Ticket-selling public performances require a simple Dramatists Guild contract via email, and a small author royalty.

MK replies: Thank you, so much. It will be a public performance, though I do get a grade on it. I am actually writing my own play, but I happened to end up making it too big of a production. I was hoping to get your opinion on it, since all of your plays are so original. I wrote mine based on Kevin J. Anderson's Saga Of Seven Suns. I decided that it would be easier, since my play must be a one act, that I would search for something people could see, understand, and perhaps get a few chuckles out of. It will also be easier for my teacher to grade. There will be charges for tickets, and I will gladly pay your royalties. Oh, and your email was very difficult to acquire. It does not show up on all computers. If you could just have it displayed on another page, with perhaps a standard form, and then a comment block? You would appear much more proffesional, and you could probably determine all of the performance details much faster. Thank you.

I am a student in Communication Media at North Carolina State University. This semester, I am taking a digital video production class, and I would like permission to adapt your one-act play "The Thingjimmy" for my final project. The script is absolutely hilarious, and I think I would really enjoy filming it. --AP (10/22/07)

GL Horton replies: Yes, please do! Just understand that this right to produce is not exclusive: I'll still be granting rights to stage productions and if anybody wants to pay me big bucks for TV.... Don't forget to give me script credit & send me a copy please. In .MOV format if possible. That way I can use use clips for my podcast or blog-- crediting, you & co., of course. And if it comes out really well, please put your video up on YouTube or somewhere-- make us all famous!

I am a Theatre/Psychology double major Junior attending Whitworth University. I am currently enrolled in directing class, and was looking for a one-act play for my Final when I stumbled across your website. I really love your comedic, yet heart-warming one-act titled "Autumn Leaves", and would be honored if you would give me permission to direct it for my final. This is will be a single performance with no admission fee for a small-to-medium sized audience (25-100 estimated). Your writing really struck a chord with me....Taking me right back to the sights and sounds of my childhood, when I use to play outside with my brothers and sister....The brisk, snappy air, the rich dampness of earth, and the musty spiciness of falling pine needles (I grew up in the mountains). In this beautiful season, which sadly, we often let pass us by because of work and classes, I would really love to bring this reminder to slowdown and remember the little, but most important things, to my fellow students. Thank you for your time, and please keep up with the writing, you are very gifted! --EB (10/15/07)

GL Horton replies: Thank you for your kind words. You have my permission. PS: I'm grandmother. You can hear me perform the character of Janet in AUTUMN's companion piece, ONE FIERY LEAF, on the Stage Page Podcasts.

Well, we filmed "Beyond Measure" and it came out pretty good, despite the fact that I couldn't use about 30% of the film because one of my camera men did a lousy job framing the set. The two actresses were very excellent and brought Paulette and Grace to life, plus I had a silent Olga in a couple of places. The film turned out to be over 12 minutes long even after I had no choice but to cut the script down by 2 pages because the class project was supposed to be up to 5-8 minutes long max. In any event, I do have a DVD for you of the entire film, plus a DVD where I broke the film down into its most dramatic sections in case the longer version doesn't fit on your web, if you so choose to show it. If you would like DVD copies, please send me your mailing address. If you do put on the Web, can you also please let me know that you did it? I only ask that if you do that you add the contact info for the two main actresses and for myself as director/editor along with the company that I am forming and list the contact for that (www.stillreelproductions.com) which should be up and running by 2008. I will also send you copy of releases for showing the film. We had a great time doing your script. I look forward to hearing from you. --DT (10/15/07)

GL Horton replies: This is exciting! I do hope that the contact info you want published is properly set up. So far I have had very good luck with "publishing" my own contact info on my site and on Podomatic-- I am emailed by serious people who want to talk about or use my work, while my address is not "harvested" by spammers or producers of porn. I did once connect my acting resume to a site that was harvested, and for a while I got really nasty stuff in my inbox. OTOH, if you have really secure filters on your own email, people trying to contact you from my site will be filtered out by your ISP unless they are already in your address book as approved correspondents -- which of course they will not be. This happens to me quite often -- people email me asking permission to use a play, and when I reply with a message giving permission, it bounces. I get a "delivery failed" message saying that I am not pre-approved to send email to that address!

i want to direct your one-act for my directing class can i please get your permission to do so. Thank u for taking the time out to read my message i hope u have a wonderful day! (smile) --PS (10/02/07)

GL Horton replies: Sorry I forgot to reply earlier. My plays are only free when it isn't a "commercial" production. Shall I assume yours isn't? This play "Rehabilitation" is very new, and has not yet had ANY production. I had a reading of it two weeks ago in my writers' group, and it did not go as well as I'd hoped. The critique afterwards presented some flaws which I'd like to fix, as soon as I get over my disappointment that the audience at the reading didn't think the script the best play since Shakespeare. I was going to suggest that you go ahead and do it, but that i send you any changes i make and you can decide if you and the cast think they are improvements and incorporate them if you can. In other words, I was going to invite you to become part of my writing process....

PS replies: Thank you! For writting me back im so proud to do your one-act and yes i will like u to send me any changes and i will love to be apart of your writting process i know that any changes you make will be great. Just stand by this play and others that you make and when the changes come you will discover that the changes were better than you thought. Please dont stress out too much! By the way i love your work and other people who read it loved it too. (Smile)

I am a student at Elizabethtown College and each semester we put on a One Act Festival. This year, I will be directing a play and I was interested in your one-act play All For Love. First of all, could I get your permission to do so? Secondly, could you tell me the royalty cost for using this play if I can do that? Thank you. --AM (10/01/07)

GL Horton replies: If this is a one night thing in a small auditorium, use it free with my blessing. It's not worth the bother on either end for a couple of bucks. It's a short play! If it is an extended run or a large auditorium, $10-$30 would be nice. Either way, pics or an mp3 and a program are always most welcome. I'll put them on my web site.

I am a member of a play-reading group that is affiliated with the Unitarian Church of Hinsdale (Illinois). With your permission I would like to use The Gender Agenda and Happy Hour when I host the October gathering. There is no admission fee - we're just a group of people who like to get together every month to socialize and read plays. Thanks. --KF (09/29/07)

GLH replies: I am delighted! I'm a 3rd generation UU, my grandsons are 5th generation: 1 in Sunday School, the other in Youth Group. The play reading group at Arlington St Church used to read and occasionally produce my plays when I was a member there-- I also sang in and directed the Light Opera Co. in residence-- but at the Newton UU church where the family goes now I haven't been able to recruit people with the time and talent to devote to plays or musicals.

I am a drama teacher in Thailand at an International School and was wondering whether I could use a few of your one act plays for my year 10 class. They are only going to be used for workshop and small performances in class. The following titles are what I am interested in: One More Time, A Late Lunch, Skinny Teeth, The Thingjimmy, What Kind of a Life, Heaven and Hades. --CD (09/18/07)

GLH replies: Yes, you may use them.

I am a student at Elizabethtown College and each semester we put on a One Act Festival. This year, I will be directing a play and I was interested in your one-act play All For Love. First of all, could I get your permission to do so? Secondly, could you tell me the royalty cost for using this play if I can do that? Thank you. --AM (09/18/07)

GLH replies: If this is a one night thing in a small auditorium, use it free with my blessing. It's not worth the bother on either end for a couple of bucks. It's a short play! If it is an extended run or a large auditorium, $10-$30 would be nice. Either way, pics or an mp3 and a program are always most welcome. I'll put them on my web site.

My school has a theatre competition where the four houses (groups of students) perform a play and anyone can come and watch for free. I’ve been chosen to choose and direct the play for next year and was wondering if you wouldn’t mind me using your one-act play ‘Cast Spell’. I haven’t completely decided on using it yet but I started reading it and am enjoying it. --LB (09/18/07)

GLH replies: Yes, this is exactly the kind of educational event for which I'm happy to grant permission for my script's use. I'd appreciate any kind of positive feedback -- programs, recordings, pics-- you and your actors are willing to share.

I am a member of the Drama Team at Morristown East High in Tennessee. A fellow student and I would love to use your play Under Siege for performances at competitions. Because your play is copyrighted we must have permission from you and a copy of the script in order to perform it. We can pay for the script if need be, but we would gladly accept a donation or an idea on where to find it. Our drama coach is Mrs. Lisa Biery and below will be her contact info if you would like to get in touch with her. We would greatly appreciate this because we believe your play could be performed well. Thank you for your time, and to get in touch just email me at this address. Thanks again. --FL (09/14/07)

GLH replies: I'm a Ms, actually. I'm delighted to give you both permission and the script, with my blessing. Please, blow people away with this material. Make it known! I think it is a shame and a scandal that the play, which has won contests and been excerpted in anthologies, has yet to have a premiere in the USA-- though it has been produced in South Africa and translated into Russian.

I am requesting permission to use your one act play “Dream Music” for an auditioning class that I am taking this weekend here in Edmonton. We are required to bring in a monologue to learn, and a scene to learn as well. I would also like to use one of the many monologues that you’ve provided on your website as well. I haven’t decided which one to use for this class yet, but I have printed them up to choose when I get there because we are not suppose to memorize anything before hand. This is the first acting that I have done in so many years, and your material seems very workable which helps to ease the nervousness. I would like to use the monologues for possible auditions later as well if you will allow me to. Thank you for creating this wonderful website and making it so much easier for me to find material that is suitable for me. I will definitely recommend it to others who are in search as well. Thank you for all your hard work, and I look forward to hearing from you soon. Take care. --AF (09/14/07)

GLH replies: Thank you for your encouraging words. You have my permission. Let me know how it goes.

I am an English Teacher in Kansas and I teach a Drama and Video Production class. My students would like two use two of your plays - 'Deus Ex Machina' and 'Heaven and Hades' - to produce as their class movie. This movie will not be displayed to the public but there will be one viewing for the students and the staff. The movie will never leave the school or be seen by anyone outside of the school facility because the school is part of a Juvenile Correctional Facility, so the anonymity of our students is important. This is also why there will be no public airing or viewing of what my class produces so there should be no concern about anyone else knowing we used your plays. I need two because I have 7 students and they all want a chance at acting and their final video must be close to 30 minutes long. Please contact me as soon as possible to let me know if it will be alright to use your two plays, and in the credits we will list you as the screenwriter. Thank you very much. --DK (09/12/07)

GLH replies: Yes, of course you may-- it's a Good Cause! I wish there were a way to brag about this on my web site, or some clips where the actors are facing away from the camera and their identity is protected while there talent is shown off.

I am interested in directing one of your one-act plays "Fantasia for String Trio" for the grade 12 one act play festival at my school. I was wondering if you could e-mail me back with an answer and any further information regarding the matter. --KB (09/11/07)

GLH replies: If this is an in-class thing, this email is all you need. If you are selling tickets to the public, you need a simple official email contract which I will send you to fill in the date(s) & venue of performance(s). Either way, I'd love to hear how it goes! Yours would be the first school performance of this play-- though it has been in one act festivals.

I just read the first act of Under Seige and would love to read the rest as I am looking for a play to work on with my students who are in their second year of an acting course and this would work really well. Would this be possible? I'm in Lichfield, Staffrodshire, United Kingdom. --OC (09/11/07)

GLH replies: Absolutely! Here's the script. If any of your students would like to make mp3 recordings of monologues or scenes, I'd be delighted to put them up on StagePage or into one of my Podcasts. I was just saying to my husband that I really wish I knew some young actresses to perform samples of this play, which is so close to my heart. A decade or 2 ago I taught Freshmen at Northeastern University, and directed young actors in plays and musicals--- but these days most everybody I work with is middle aged or older!

I am a student at Santa Fe Community College, located in New Mexico, and I am taking a few Media Arts classes this fall. In my Video Production 2 class, each of us have been assigned to directing various plays in which to film, using student actors and other class members. My assignment is to direct/edit a 2-person one-act play (preferably) that must be very short (approximately five minutes). Of course, I want something with pizzazz and drama as well! Well, wasn't I pleased to find your excellent play on-line, "Beyond Measure". I would love to be able to use your script for my assignment, which will be made into a DVD and shown to the class. As a reward to the actors, I plan on giving them a copy of the DVD, and would also be glad to give you a copy, when it's finished in early October, if you would be alright with my using your work. I will, of course, also credit you in the credits. Please let me know as soon as possible whether you will do me the honors of producing (and editing) your play. I do not intend to market it in any way, except, perhaps, if it comes out being very good, possibly get it into the local film competition that my school puts on at the end of every semester. I look forward to hearing back from you at your earliest convenience. Thank you. --DT (09/11/07)

GLH replies: Yes, you may. We considered doing this script locally with my Community Access Cable station, but decided it was too furniture-and- props heavy for the studio facility they have to work with. We're going with a simpler script of mine, "Rehabilitation". If you do a bang-up job on Beyond Measure, I'd love to be able to put your video on my web site (or have you put it on YouTube, for that matter!) Probably your actresses will be too young for the roles --- the pair who sent me the pics that are currently on my web site are-- but that's ok. I wrote it originally for a "mature" actress friend who had added a karate class to her regular aerobics. She generally played elegant upper class matrons and I thought it'd be great to give her a piece where she could play against type and kick ass! She had a great time, wowed her colleagues, and got offered more interesting parts the next season. I hope yours will, too!

I am a teacher at Henry Street High School, a small public school in the town of Whitby, Ontario. We will be having a one-act play night in November and one of my students would like to direct your play “Conventional Behavior”. We would like your permission to mount the play on November 29 & 30 in our cafetorium. We will be charging admission (probably $5 Cdn). Any profit will be reinvested in our school's drama program, though we don't expect to attract more than 200 people over both nights. We have limited resources but very enthusiastic students. I would appreciate it if you could let me know what conditions and terms you have for our production as soon as possible. Thanks for your consideration. --DK (09/10/07)

GLH replies: I'm so pleased that your students are interested in doing my play! You have my permission to produce it. Do you need an official email contract? I have the simple Guild one I can send where you fill in dates and the venue address. I'd like a token royalty: does the price of 1 ticket per 100 sold sound all right? It's more to satisfy the IRS that I'm running my web site "business" in a professional manner than a serious source of income, so it's not a deal-breaker if you can't afford anything at all. I've been fortunate enough to have local s/f convention productions of this particular play, so I've already been paid back in pleasure for the labour of writing it. I'm also very grateful for pics of student actors in costume having a wonderful time rehearsing or performing one of my plays. I enjoy imaging the production myself, and I put them up on my web site where other students may be inspired to want to act in one of my plays, too.

I would love to produce your one- act: Dream Music, for my drama project. In my searches for the perfect one-act to preform, I ran across your site and was drawn to Dream Music. I think it is amazing and would love if you would give me permission to use your writing. I hope to hear from you soon. --TA (09/05/07)

GLH replies: You have my permission to perform it. Details, please? I suspect this is an educational thing, and won't expect to ask for a royalty: but I do like to keep track of who is doing what, where and when.

Fascinating!!! Love the podcasts...the production qualities are wonderful (I don't know why I expected any less, but I was pleasantly surprised). Have been on assorted areas of your web site for the past hour, enjoying your writing, your intelligence, your multiple voices, the spirit of largesse and the general abundance of information. I remembered that I wanted to go and see Lisa Kron's production at the Huntington, but never made it. Reading your commentary reminded me why I wished I had gone. I am very glad to be making your acquaintance! --DR(08/23/07)

GLH had said: My current Podcasts record playwrights who were in residence at the Ohio State International Centre for Women Playwrights 2007 Retreat July 27-August 4th talking about the Retreat experience and play writing generally. I did a similar Podcast re: the retreat in 2006 -- amazing to think that my husband and I have been putting out the weekly Stagepage Podcasts for over a year now! Some of you might find the Podcasts interesting..... go to: G.L.Horton's Stage Page Pod Cast.

I just want to thank you for providing free monologue material on your website, “Horton’s Here’s a Who.” (Very fun title, btw.) My son used your “New York Actor” monologue in a Phoenix benefit show with “Broadway Cares/Equity Fights Aids.” The show paired Equity actors to mentor aspiring teenage actors. My son is 16. The piece you wrote worked very well for him and led to a few great opportunities to learn more. So, many thanks and good luck to you! --ME (06/23/07)

I would like to use One Fiery Leaf for a dramatic reading in my Speech Class At Sprague High School in Oregon. We have been given an assignment for next Tuesday. Can I download it onto my computer? --KL (06/01/07)

GLH replies: Yes, you may.

My teacher was very impressed with my dramatic reading of One Fiery Leaf. Thank you again for allowing me to use the play in my speech class. I have now graduated from high school, and your allowing me to use your play helped me to fulfill all tasks necessary for my diploma. Thank you. --KL (06/18/07)

GLH replies: Thank you for telling me!

I would like to have permission to use the following plays in my classroom. I will make just enough copies for the actors required. "Elegy", "Christmas at Grandma's House: What Big Teeth You Have!", "Autumn Leaf", "One Fiery Leaf", "Jenny Does Shakespeare", "Ruling Passion", "The Thingjimmy". Thank you very much. --AM (04/16/07)

GL Horton replies: Wow-- that sounds interesting. A kind of Horton mini-festival! Sure, you can do that. I'd love to hear how it goes......

First of all I would just like to say that I absolutely adore you work and I reccommend it to anyone and everyone at my school (Oklahoma City University). I am writing because I would like to use the monologue for Mary from Under Siege in my Acting Two Class, and I would like to read the entire play in order to do some analytical work on it. If you could email it to me, or find another way of letting me read act two it would be greatly appreciated!!!! --RB (03/30/07)

GL Horton replies: Thank you so much for your kind words! Here's the script. BTW -- I'm female. As you'll discover if you listen to my current Podcast. When I started writing it was commonly believed that "women can't write plays"-- or criticism, either. I've always used my initials as writer-- but of course I act under my real, female, name. Except on the very very rare occasions when I'm cast as a (short) guy-- then I make up a name or use the traditional actor-in- hiding "George Spelvin"-- when I was the 3rd brigand from the left singing tenor in "Pirates of Penzance".

I was wondering if I could get the rest of the play "Under Siege." I am a theatre student at Missouri State University and am planning on doing a monologue (Tina's) from this play. To do so, I am required to have access to the full play so that I can do an analysis of my character in context. I really appreciate what I have read of the play so far as it has forced me to do a fair amount of deep thinking. Very well written! Thank you for your time! --LC (03/29/07)

I'm a Junior at Gulf Coast High School in Naples, FL and I've been reading your plays for quite some time now. At my school we do several competetions including one-acts and monologues. I was wondering how I could recieve a copy of the two plays, "Elegy" and "Conventional Behavior". I'd like to read "Elegy" in full and in book form, because I'd like to use the monologue done by the caharacter RAYMOND when he is talking about his wife and things. I'd like to take that to my Internationals Competition this up coming summer for college auditions, then take it to my District Competetion next school year. I was also wondering if I could get "Conventional Behavior" becuase I'd like to Direct (produce) that show for my schools One-Act competition and hopfully, take it to the next step. Also, how would the rights for these monologues and plays work? Details? Thank you in advance! --JP (03/28/07)

GL Horton replies: Thank you for the kind words about my writing. The monologue from "Elegy" condenses several pages of dialogue into a single story. I'm sending you an attached copy of the script of the play-- but it is also on my Stagepage web site. There should be a live link to the play "Elegy" from the monologue. You can also see a video of my actor friend Robert Bonotto performing it on Stagepage -- he also performed it at a March Madness monologue Festival here in Boston, celebrating women playwrights who, like me, belong to the International Centre for Women Playwrights. Robert was very moving in the monologue: the audience was enthusiastic. Your interpretation would be different from his, of course. Each actor brings something different to a good monologue. Conventional Behavior is on the site, too. As long as these are simply class projects, this email will serve as official permission from me, the author/publisher, for you to perform and/or direct these pieces of mine in a non-commercial setting. If your school or organization undertakes a ticket-selling production, you will need a more formal contract, probably in the name of a teacher, coach or school administrator: an email version of the Dramatists Guild contract used by amateurs and educational institutions. It is still simple and cheap--- $5 to $50 per performance, depending on the length of the script and the price and number of tickets sold. Best wishes -- Break a leg!

I would like to say for the speech mee i would like to perform 1 or 2 of your plays with my friend we are both 13. Please allow this it will only be for one day. --SA (03/06/07)

GL Horton replies: Yes, you may perform my plays for Speech. Thank you for asking my permission. I am very interested in which plays you want to do and what city/ country you live in. It sounds to me-- I may be wrong-- as if you are studying English. Are you? I am very happy when young people from around the world use my work to practice their mastery of language as well as acting. Do you know that my husband and I have made Podcasts of many of my monologues and plays? You can listen to them if you have access to a computer that plays music or streaming audio. You just clink the link that looks like a microphone on my Stagepage web site, and you'll go to Podomatic, where you can play any of our weekly radio shows. Looking at the text of the monologue or play while listening to a recording is the way I, as an actress, practice an accent, dialogue, or foreign phrase for an acting role. Of course I don't copy the acting-- I do my own real emotion! But I do copy the word- sounds. Best wishes with your Speech!

Hello! I was recently on your website. For my drama class there are a few
directors that are in charge of selecting a short 5-20 minute play to have acted out. I was wondering if I would be allowed to use your's. This will be presented sometime between April and May to an audience of the entire drama class, and their family, in the school's theatre. I think your play Skinny Teeth would be the perfect play. Please email me back as soon as possible, as I must hand in my directors proposal form by Friday, March 2nd.Thank you. --CB (02/26/07)

GL Horton replies: Yes, you may use Skinny Teeth. If this is an Official production with tickets sold and all, get back to me for a short email contract. Otherwise, this email is my permission for you to direct it. Break a leg!

I attend Stetson University. Currently I am enrolled in drammatic writing and my teacher wants me to present to her a play and then give her an analaysis of it, and I read through "The Gender Agenda" and I loved it. So can I use this one act to discuss in class without any problems? Thank you for your time. P.S. My class starts in an hour and well sorry in advance if i write my analysis before you approve. --DH (02/15/07)

GL Horton replies: Yes, you may. I'd love to hear how the discussion goes!

We are a Herefordshire-based branch of the U3A (University Of The Third Age) and have recently started a play-reading group (about 7 members). Some of us are not very mobile so a stage production is not possible. However we really like what we have read and would appreciate your permission to use some of your "one-acts" for our group sessions (all from a sedentary position!). --EP (02/09/07)

GL Horton replies: Yes, please do! And if you'd care to email me a digital picture of your group gathered to read one of my plays, I'd love to put it on my web site....

EP replies: Thank you so much. I'll send you further information and a digital photo in about three weeks. Our oldest member (85!) says she'll have to have a new hairdo. Best wishes, and thanks again.

Hello my name is D-- and I am 14. My brother, 2 cousins and I like to do plays when we get together which is only once a year. The two plays Happy Hour and Heaven and Hades are perfect for us to use if you don't mind us using them. --D (02/08/07)

Love your site, well organized and easy to get to things. We would like to use your play “Skinny Teeth” for our high school forensics piece. We have read through it and it fits into our time well. It was hard to find a play for only two girls, this one is great. --CL (01/25/07)

GL Horton replies: You have my permission to use my play. I'd love to hear how it goes for you!

I wanted to thank you for giving me permission for using "Thingjimmy" for my acting class. It went over really well, and it helped me become more comfortable on stage. My teacher loved the scene. On that note, I would like to ask your permission to submit your 10min one-act plays for our showcase for Bruce Orenstein's Acting workshop. We would like to produce approximately 21 short one-acts to show off the talents of new writers, actors and directors to agents and directors. If you are interested in allowing me to submit your works, please let me know. --RH (01/20/07)

Martha Mitchell is a must-see
I'm unable to go to Geralyn's performance of her Martha Mitchell piece tomorrow night, sponsored by the Women's Alliance, but I stumbled upon a dress rehearsal of it today. I felt very lucky to have been able to see it! I highly recommend that anyone who's on the fence -- and anyone who hasn't even considered going, for that matter -- GO tomorrow night to see it. It's funny, sad, moving -- and extremely well done, theatrically. Gave me a whole new perspective on the whole Watergate period, too. --Bobbie Sproat (01/05/07)

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