Requests &

concerning plays by G.L. Horton

First I would like to thank you for having such a resource online. However, the point of this email is to request permission to perform the Speed Dating with a Divorce Lawyer monologue for my sixth grade reading students (edited in some areas of course) as an introduction into their drama unit. They are getting ready to experience their first middle school play and I would very much like to use this particular monologue as an educational opportunity. --ST (11/30/2006)

I am a student at Ursuline College in Chatham Ontario, Canada and am requesting permission to use the one act play "Late Lunch" to perform at my school's playfest assigned by my drama teacher. According to your website I must have your permission to use this play. Your permission would be greatly appreciated. --JK (11/12/2006)

GL Horton replies: You have my permission to use the play. If this is a big ticket selling deal or it's customary to pay a royalty, let me know and I'll send you an email contract and the address where you can send me a few dollars. PS I'd like to know the date(s) -- so I can brag to my fellow writers.

JK replies: Sorry it's taken so long to reply, I have been busy memorizing and rehearsing the play. I'm sorry to say that this is not a big ticket selling deal, all the students have been divided into groups and each had to find and perform a play. The assigned playfest will be running from December 4th to December 7th. My partner and I are the first students to perform so we will be performing this play on December 4th. Thanks once again for allowing us to perform this play.

Just wanted to say I think this is a really outstanding website and a marvelous collection of material. I teach an Adult Education acting class and was looking around to see what was on the web, and I was extremely impressed by your work. Just thought I should pass it on - this is really fine. Best wishes, --KW (11/01/2006)

My son has an audition this Sunday and he is to come up with a one minute monologue. Can you help me. He is 14 years of age and very outgoing. Thanks! --OR (10/12/06)

GLH replies: Can't help. Some actors, even at 14, can play ANYTHING. Others, stars in their 70's, can only play themselves. Not knowing your son, I can't cast him. I put my words out on the web, and hope that actors, young or old, will find some they can connect with and use them to shine.

Following my request for permission to direct your play, And the Lion Shall Lie Down with…, I would like to let you know of the performance times and once again ask if I may show it to an audience. The play will be performed on the 10th of October, 2006 at 18h00 pm and on the 12th of October, 2006 at 12h20 and 18h00. During these times I will be examined on my directing skills. The play will be performed at the Hexagon Theatre Complex at the University of KwaZulu Natal in Pietermaritzburg, South Africa, in the Studio theatre. Thank you for allowing me to use your play. --MN (10/10/06)

GLH replies: Of course you may! Best wishes for a successful production.

I am a technical theatre student at the Kent State University. Being a techie I never thought I would do any type of acting, alas being in the program I'm in they make sure you can experiance every angle having us attend Art of Acting, Intro to Lighting, Intro to Costuming, and Intro to Scenery. The intro classes came a little easier than the acting for me but now my education involves acting! For our AoA Midterm we are to memorize and preform a monologue. As you know, the variations and choices are vast and damn near impossible to choose for a beginner. While I was frustrated and looking for a monologue for class I mentioned my assignment to my best friend in Purdue he said he'd come across a monologue that would fit my personality easily, he linked me to your site and I agreed with him. He linked me to the monologue "Just trying to be friendly" from the one act play Conventional Behavior. Being an Anime and Starwars geek I've had my fair share of conventions under my belt but never seemed to dig in too deep or to become a character. I felt that I fit in well with the description of Hal. Your website asked to contact you for "permission to perform" and that's what I would like to do, I would like to use your monologue for my acting class if I may. Thank you for your time. --PP (09/25/06)

GLH replies: You don't really need to ask for permission just to do it in class or for an audition. I'm glad you did, though-- because I'm delighted to make your acquaintance. If you and your friends decide to put on the whole "Conventional" play, I'll send you permission for that. Break a leg! PS: I took a couple of summer courses at Kent State long ago.....

I like the site your plays are on. Is that your own site or is that a site that other writers can use? If other writers can use, how does one sign up? --MH (09/18/06)

GLH replies: It is my own site, the product of years of weekly labor by 3 skilled, intelligent people. My web mistress friend, Wyn Snow, is brilliant-- and she has her own web design business --- www.websites4smallbusiness.com. My site has grown to an average of 1500 visitors per day. I don't expect that it will make me either rich or famous, but it is a consistent source of below-the-radar productions. The other techie involved in the Stagepage site, my husband David Meyer, is also producing Stagepage Podcasts showcasing my work. If you go to glhorton.podomatic.com you'll be able to hear David's program titled "Getting on the Web", Wyn's tips on how playwrights or other Starving Artists can set up their own inexpensive sites to promote their work. Or-- better yet! raise my ranking! Search the iTunes Music Store or Yahoo! podcast sections for "stage page" and subscribe.

I belong to several organizations that offer to host a simple web site, or to link to an existing individual playwright web site. The Dramatists Guild just began to offer this service. I was amazed to see that only a couple dozen playwright members have signed up to be included! Of course it won't be widely used until there's an inclusive list and theatre people figure out how to make it work for them-- but let's get started, writers! Today's young people, unlike theatre practitioners of previous generations, really do search the web to find what they want-- including plays, scenes, and monologues. The International Centre for Women Playwrights links to sites featuring plays by women authors. The Mass. Cultural Council is sponsoring a searchable list of performers, writers, troups and teachers in the New England region, Matchbook.org. My local Boston writers' group, www.PlaywrightsPlatform.org, also links to writers' sites; as does Rob Matson's Storyfoundry. Playwrights On The Web, ditto.

I enjoyed reading your MBTA play. I am a woman still working on the Green Line approaching completion of my 23rd year (guess I missed you when I got there in 1983). I laughed at many of your accurate capturings of life on the Green Line and although some of the equipment has changed, the interactions and the customer questions are very much the same. Told BB (still there) and of course he remembers you. Planning on bringing your play into the picking room soon. --PK (08/13/06)

I think doing voice-overs for your website would be a perfect starting project for the actors in our new Actors in Residence program! Once the casting is complete we can grab the actors and set a date to do the recordings. We will be in touch! --CM (07/26/06)

I teach english and drama in a Georgia high school, and I was looking for lesson plan ideas when I came across your website. It is wonderful. You provide an incredible resource for educators. Thanks! --KB (07/20/06)

I've been reading the monologues on your website. I found them very enjoyable. The reason for my email is that I'm a drama student from Teesside, England. My latest assignment is to perform a monologue to an audience. I would like to use "Ruling Passion" - the monologue concerning the woman about why she is dressed as Cleopatra. I await your reply. --JH (6/02/06)

GLH replies: Yes, you may use it. Knock 'em dead!

Back on May 6th, 2006 I wrote asking you if I could use your words to the one-act play "One More Time" for a class project. You gave your consent. I'm just giving you a follow-up about how it went as you asked that this be done. This worked very well for my classmate and myself. We are both first semester students and our "blocking" could have been better but all told the instructor said we really had an understanding of the material and we had a feel for the characters (I am very pleased with the instructor's critique). I trust I'll get better with "blocking knowledge" as I continue to grow in obtaining a skill set for this genre. It was fun to do this play and I just wanted to say again thank you for its usage. --MM (5/21/06)

We plan to include "New York Actor", "Beyond Measure" and "All For Love" in an evening of monologues and short plays. We are a small group that performs free to very small audiences - this time in a coffee house! Would $40 be an appropriate fee? If so please let me know your mailing address so I can send you a check. --CB (5/05/06)

GLH replies: $40 is just fine, thank you. I see I'm in good company! Break a leg....

Just a quick note from a middle-aged guy still quite new to Acting. Actually I'm more of a Voice Actor/Narrator...just did a NASA script! Yeah! Your site is cool, helpful (I came for the monologues), and I just wanted to say thanks. It's quite a resource! --BB (5/04/06)

I'm a high school senior from the International School Bangkok. In the end of the school year we are putting on a small production with my IB Theatre Arts class. We are all going to present monologues, duets and trios for parents, teacher, and students from school. I'm a dancer, and I really like your play "Snakes and Ladders." It would be great if you'd give me permission to do it for the production. --ELM (5/01/06)

GLH replies: Please, do it! You might also take a look at my other plays for dancers, "One More Time", "Dream Music" and "Oh, Baby".

I am a speech pathologist and would like to use some of your one
act plays to provide voice therapy for clients at CSUN. --SC (4/26/06)

GLH replies: Sounds to me as if it'd be Ok. But what's CSUN?

I am a drama teacher in New Zealand who has been looking for some short plays to use with my Fifth form (year 11) class for a creating character unit. I would like to print off a number of your plays to add to the pile in which students can pick from. May I have permission to do so? May I have permission to perform the plays if they are chosen? It has been great reading through them; I particularly like how many of them do not require great scenery or props,­ which will make it easier to perform in my small classroom. --AD (4/21/06)

GLH replies: Yes, you have my permission. Do let me know if they are performed and go well. I like to brag about my "International productions!

I am a Senior taking a "Drama in Ministry" course and have to direct two of my peers in a one act play. May I have permission to use your play "One Fiery Leaf" to direct in class? Thank you for taking the time to read my request. --RH (4/09/06)

GLH replies: You say what and where you are, but not who. To whom am I giving this permission? (I fully intend to give it)

RH replies: I'm sorry. I'm [RH]. I intended to put my name at the end of the message but I guess I just forgot. Thank you for getting back to me so soon.

GLH replies: [RH] has my permission to direct my play "One Fiery Leaf" as a Moody Bible Institute class project. (If it's a big hit and you want to move it upscale, get back to me for a contract.) Break a leg!

I loved your 4 Women's Monolgues from the one act play "Ruling Passion"! I am part of a small group of four who have an assignment in our Literature College class to give a teaching presentation for the class. All four members will share a one-hour timeframe. I would like very much to do a reading of one or two of the monologues, and give copies of the "The Outstanding Woman of History Contest" to the fifteen students and two teachers, so they can follow along. I also would like to make 3 copies of the play itself, one each for my two teachers and one copy for the students to share beforehand, as my professor wants us to give the class background homework before the presentation. I would greatly appreciate hearing from you as soon as possible, since we have to start pulling the presentations together next week --(although we're not scheduled to present until 4/26 or later). Thank you very much for this consideration. --MV (4/06/06)

GLH replies: Did I not answer this? I apologize-- I was performing 8 shows a week at the time, and neglected my email. Of course you may copy and present Ruling Passion!

Thanks for the play Pregnant Pause. I am doing a lot with it in Ghana. This Tuesday 14th April, 2006, 6pm GMT at the ETS Drama Studio I would stage the play Pregnant Pause. For a surprise and your information, I have pictures and videos of this play which I think would be perfect for your site, I would send them to you tomorrow, but do you have any interesting full length plays that I can direct next semester? Please reply. Thanks for being the author of this play. It's so magnificent! --MK (04/02/06)

GLH replies: Congratulations! Thank you! I'd love to have pictures and videos! I have written 14 or 15 full length plays. Some of them are on my website complete, and some are represented by a synopsis and a few scenes. I'd be happy to send you an email version of the script -- or scripts -- if there is one that you would like to direct. Some have only four actors in the cast, some have dozens...

After reading your one act play "The Thingjimmy" I found it hilarious. I participate in Forensics in the NCFL in the category of Duo Interpretation. My Duo partner and I have been looking for potential pieces and I believe that your piece may fit the bill. I wanted to ask your permission to download a copy of the piece in order to look it over and to see if the characters fit our personalities. Thank you for your consideration. --EJ (4/01/06)

GLH replies: You have my permission. Hope you decide to use it and knock 'em dead! Make us all famous....

I am an ESL teacher in Texas. I am currently teaching an advanced Listening/Speaking course, and am interested in using one-act plays to help my students practice their speaking skills. I found a wide variety of them on the internet, but thought yours were among the most interesting. I wonder if I could get permission from you to use the following one-act plays in our class this semester: A Late Lunch, Autumn Leaves, Christmas at Grandma's, Heaven and Hades, Help Wanted, Skinny Teeth. If I have your permission, my students will work on the plays in small groups both in and out of class, and then perform them for their classmates and me in class in a few weeks. I look forward to hearing from you regarding this matter. --WJ (3/20/06)

GLH replies: Absolutely you have my permission! And I intend to brag about it.....

I am teaching English to French people in France. I would like to use one or more of your plays as a reading exercise in English. --DK (3/16/06)

GLH replies: You have my permission. I'd love to hear how it goes.

Hi, I’m requesting the opportunity to read one of your short (10 minute) plays. As a member of the CDC club of Toastmasters, I'm at the stage now where I need to perform a brief play for our club. (No money will be charged, no profit will be made, no finances are involved at all!) I know that I'd need your permission to do so, and as a former theatre major (100 years ago, back in college in central Illinois) I will totally respect that! I've had good fun browsing your site and was especially interested in Autumn Leaves I or Autumn Leaves II and Beyond Measure. Thanks for your help with all this~~and my best to you. --CB (3/14/06)

GLH replies: Ok, you have my permission. If you are a hit be sure to mention the author and her website! If, not, not. Break a leg.

First let me say that I love your plays. They really have good messages. Second, I was wondering if I could see Act2 of Under Seige. I don't want it for a production or even for classroom excercises, Ijust love reading plays and I would really like to see what happens at the end of Under Siege. If you could, I would really appreciate it. Thanks. --D (3/13/06)

GLH replies: Yes-- but because the play is not commercially published, I must keep a record of who I send a copy to in order to protect my copyright. Send me a name and your city or school and I'll send you the script as an attached file--.doc, I assume?

I am a teacher from Kestrel high school in Prescott AZ. My drama students need monologues. I was wondering if we could use yours? So it is only for a class assignment. --LE (3/09/06)

GLH replies: Yes, of course. I've put the monologues I've written on my web site in order for students to use them. For class, contests, auditions.... they are my gift to young people who love acting, as I have loved it for 50 years.

I'm currently a senior in high school at D'Evelyn Jr./Sr. High School in Denver, Colorado. We have a drama club that is sponsoring what is called "Senior One Acts," where, if you are a senior and dedicated to theatre, you're given the chance to direct a one act play. Theatre has been a large part of my life ever since seventh grade. I directed my first skit when I was 11, and since then have directed six other short plays and five short films. I realized this year that I wanted to choose a satirical comedy for my senior one act. I began reading your play, "Ruling Passion" and I immediately knew this was the one I wanted. It was exactly the kind of humor I was looking for. May I, along with the help of other dedicated thespians, produce and direct "Ruling Passion?" --WT (3/07/06)

GLH replies: Of course you may. Break a leg! If you need an official contract, I can email one.

I attend Augustana University here in Camrose Ab. This year we are hosting the regional one act play festival and I was wondering if we could produce your play "Beyond Measure". It would be one performance happening around March 27. Could you please send me some information on production rights. Thank you very much. --TC (3/01/06)

GLH replies: Yes, you may do "Beyond Measure". I'm the publisher as well as the author. If you need an official contract we can do a simple Guild version via email -- you can send me a couple of bucks. Otherwise, consider it a gift -- and break a leg!

I'm taking a class called play direction where students have the honor of directing a one-act of their choice for the entire school. I saw a one-act play that I thought I could use, "Heaven and Hades". I liked this play, because it's theme of the power of art and individualistic heaven. Even though I haven't yet made up my mind what play I'll work with; I would appreciate your permission to work with this play. --CP (3/01/06)

GLH replies: You may do my play.

CP then says: I haven't gotten a reply, yet. I wondered if you have tried to reply. I am currently in a play direction class, and I would like your permission ... (3/11/06)

GLH replies: You have my permission to print out and analyze my play "Heaven and Hades". It is sometimes confusing to have the address from which a request is sent ask for a return to a different email address-- but I can't find any message from you in my record-keeping mailbox. A student did ask permission to perform/direct "H&H" last month, but it was a different student name and a college rather than a high school production that I sent permission to then.

I am a theatre student at the University of Florida and I have recently been studying one of your monologues from "Beyond Measure" called "Grace Gets Even." I am really enjoying the character and have found great links on your website for future projects. I think it is so wonderful how you make your work so accessible to those who are in need of great dramatic pieces. I also think your issues are very important and send a great empowering message to women as well as the rest of society. Anyway I'm actually writing you to see if I could have some more information on your play Beyond Measure, perhaps some reviews of past performances, how it was perceived, things of that nature. I tried to research it online but I was not able to find anything. I am required to turn in the report on Thursday and I am so sorry to bother you but this email is a last resort, I know you must be incredibly busy because I read your extensive biography and wow you are an inspiration to a lot of young women including myself. Well OK thanks again for being so generous with your work and if you get a chance and don't mind sending me some information that would be great - thanks again. --KP (3/01/06)

GLH replies: I wrote "Beyond Measure" for an Equity actress friend, June Luwin, who is very talented but usually cast in dignified matronly roles. I knew she worked out in the gym and was in good shape though in her sixties and I wanted to give her a role where she could literally "kick ass"! The production was part of the Boston Theatre Marathon of 10 min plays, where all her actor friends would get a chance to see this unexpected side to her talent. June takes a weekly workshop with a famous acting teacher, Ted Kasanof, and one of her (younger) classmates played Paulette. They worked on the fight scene with a friend who does fight choreography. I don't describe the set in the script-- 10 minute plays don't really HAVE realistic sets, they must be set up and cleared in about a minute. But I usually have some specific place in mind: in this case it was a townhouse complex in Cambridge MA where a professor I know lives. The plot is based on gossip-- I heard that a friend of a friend's cad of an ex-husband dumped his second wife for their babysitter. This occasioned some gloating, which inspired me to turn the story into a revenge play. The Marathon was reviewed, but I don't remember anything either positive or negative about my play among the 40 or 50 that were performed. It has had a couple of productions since, but I didn't see them nor was I sent any reviews.

I would like permission to use your monologues and one-act plays for my podcast. I will be doing scripted pieces, some of which I have written, some by others. Mostly comical in nature, I do plan on doing dramatic pieces, along with some more traditional radio comedic type scenes. I have not yet produced an episode, and would be more than happy to send you the link once it is in production to help you decide if that is necessary. I will also be doing some readings of short stories. I have written a few of my own which you can see the rough drafts of at mrecrubook.blogspot.com. I am currently doing a shared reading of the Princess of Mars by Edgar Rice Burroughs with another podcast. (buddha-licious.net). I do have an high interest in Inquest for starters, but anything you would allow me to perform or enact on my podcast would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for your time. --KAT (bassackwards.biz) (2/27/06)

GLH replies: Yes, you may podcast my stuff. I was hoping to do some myself-- I'm a very good actress. But though I recorded a couple of my 10 minute plays with some actor friends, my husband and I never got the post-prod and "publish" part accomplished. So please, do a good job! Make us both famous! And Yes, please ... I would like to put a link on Stagepage to any pieces you 'publish'. And I'd like a link back to: my StagePage site, the script used, AND author credit too, please.

KAT replies: Thank you so much! I will do my best and absolutely give credit where credit is due. I am still planning out my website for the podcast but I will be sure to include the link to your website. And, as always, I will mention where I got the material from when broadcasting it. I will look into Stagepage to make sure I list it properly.

I am a teacher at an FE college in Manchester, England. I am very interested in using some of your work as resources for delivering a level one certificate unit on the BTec in Performing Arts course. The plays I am interested in are: Skinny Teeth, Unbinding Time [Unbinding Our Lives], Thingummyjig [The Thingjimmy]. I have four young female students who will be presenting a short showcase of work towards the end of the year as part of their assessment. The material will be performed at college in front of a small audience. I would very much like to use writing that is new and accessible for this level of drama work and yours looks just the ticket. Thank you for making your material so easy to access, there isn't much around for young women to explore! I hope to hear from you soon. --SW (2/22/06)

GLH replies: I don't understand your first paragraph-- different education jargon on this side of the pond. However, you have my permission to use my plays-- if you make them look good and spread my good reputation I'll be grateful. Do check the titles, though. The 1st is correct, but the other two.....

Hello, I am 16 years old. I was looking at your website and I was wondering if I could use one of your monologues for an audition at my school for the drama club (my audition is for a play called "Arsenic and Old Lace"). Your monologues are really great! --TK (2/19/06)

We have fallen for "The 12:22 Brighton from London/Victoria" and would like to use the piece in competition at a high school speech meet. First question is - can we? Second - do you have any books that we can purchase and is this particular piece in one? Is there a publisher to contact, etc.? The kids gave me info and it may be on your website and they failed to tell me - I just read the piece and wanted it done for competition. Thank you so much for your quick response. --DL (2/17/06)

GLH replies: Yes, it's on my web site. Yes, you may use it. Please act the heck out of it and publicize the heck out of it and make it and me famous. And tell everyone about all the great stuff on my web site!

I wanted to let you know that I coach high school speech in Illinois and yesterday my performance-in-the-round group performed your one-act play Under Cover. We came in 4th place at our Regional competition and are advancing to the Sectional competition next weekend. Our hope is to travel to the State Tournament February 17-18! I have found your pieces to be thought provoking and well-written. I did not write sooner to ask for permission because I noticed on your website that you encourage performance by students at competitions. While I was searching for inspiration to make our performance even better, I came across an interview you conducted with Bella Online and noticed that you have MP3's available to this piece. Is that something you could send to me? Any help or encouragement you could give me and the students would be appreciated! I plan on taping our next dress-rehearsal and would be happy to send you a copy! Thank you for your time! I look forward to hearing from you! --AB (2/05/06)

GLH replies: Wonderful! I will try to find and send the mp3 files, as soon as I am at my home computer-- I'm in Gloucester MA today, performing "Martha Mitchell".

AB continues: I just wanted to let you know that we performed Under Cover at the sectional tournament on Saturday and qualified for the state comeptition! We will be performing at the Illinois High School Association State Competition on Friday 2/17/06 at Oak Lawn Community High School. If we advance, we will perform again on Saturday, time TBA. Wish us luck! (2/15/06)

GLH replies: This is wonderful news! Congratulations! I searched for the MP3 files, to no avail. We haven't exhausted all possibilities, but it is beginning to look as if they disappeared in a computer crash. My husband says your school has a nifty web site, and that it would be great to have a mention of Under Cover on it along with a link to the Stagepage site where anyone who cared to could read the script..... is this possible?

I am a level 300 directing student of the University of Ghana. I would like to use these scripts for a class exercise: A Late Lunch, Beyond Measure, Showtime, Dream Music, The Gender Agenda, Pregnant Pause, Deus Ex Machina. Please kindly allow me to use these scripts. --KDA (2/06/06)

GLH replies: You may use them. I am proud to think that my plays are useful to students around the world!

Hi, I would like to use some of your plays for a small group that I have called Bare Stages. This is a small group of amateurs who meet each Tuesday evening in a local coffee shop to read plays and scenes and occasionally performs. A couple of us are experienced actors but the others are just starting, some only interested in informal readings and others who I hope I can entice into performing. We have asmall core of 3-4 experienced actors who (time permitting) occasionally perform in churches, coffee houses and libraries. Our average audience is between 5 and 20!!! I should explain that Bare Stages has existed for more than ten years in Brewster, NY but I am trying to start the group up again after I have moved to Bennington, VT. I apologise for being long winded but my questions are:

(a) may we use your material for informal readings within the group for instructional purposes?

GLH replies: Yes. please do. The thought of it has me grinning, and up past my bedtime.

(b) we would like to perform one or more of your one-act plays - no admission charged, average audience 5 to 20 numbers -not age :=) what would the royalties be for these uses?

GLH replies: A couple of bucks would be much appreciated, b/c it convinces the IRS that I'm a "pro" and the web site is a business expense. But if it's a strain, that's OK. I'm aiming at Posterity, not Prosperity.....

(c) I would very much like to use a shortened version of "Jenny Does Shakespeare" for a young lady who has recently joined our group who is developmentally disadvantaged but loves Shakespeare and the idea of your play which I have described to her - 2 pages would be her limit - do you have a shortened version?

GLH replies: No, but if I don't send you one in a few days you can you shorten it yourself.

Although from my description above you might think our group VERY amateurish I feel we can do justice to your pieces - as I said a couple of the actors are quite experienced and I personally have been directing and acting for many years and also until I moved to Bennington I was, in my spare time, Executive Director of "Musicals at Richter" in Danbury, CT an outdoor summer stock company producing standard Broadway musicals, a couple of which I also appeared in!! --CB (1/31/06)

GLH replies: Do please, let me know where and when and what you are performing. I'll brag about it on-line, which is nice for both of us.

I just finished reading Act 1 of “Under Seige” and I’d really like to use Mary’s monologue for my drama school auditions. Could you perhaps e-mail me Act 2 so I can finish reading it? I’m curious to find out how it ends. Besides that, thank you for your wonderful website! You’re an amazing playwright! --JS (1/31/06)

Hello, I am 14 years old. I am doing an audition on Febuary 16th, 2006. It is to get into the National Youth Theatre, I know I have left it rather late to be E-mailing you asking for help but I have kept looking at your site and I can’t find the right one. It needs to be a maximum of two minutes and it needs to be for only one person, I was wondering if you could think of anything I could use as I am really stuck? If you can’t help then its okay. Sorry if I was any trouble. --JM (1/26/06)

GLH replies: "It's only trouble because I don't know how to help you-- I don't know your talent or your "type". When I was 14 and a high school freshman I mostly played mature women: queens and hags and motherly neighbors. If you can only play 14 year olds, I admit that I don't have much for you-- 2 girls who are "in trouble" from UNDER SIEGE is all that I can think of, off the top of my head. Oh-- and Carrie from "WHAT KIND OF A LIFE IS THAT?" You are welcome to trim any of my longer pieces to fit your 2 minutes. I now have more than 120 monologues posted on my site, and 2/3rds of them are ok for females... they are either female characters or gender-neutral. If I overhear any young woman saying something comic or dramatic in the next few days, I'll write one especially for you. But I need inspiration! The only 13-15 year olds I see regularly these days are boys, I'm sorry to say."

I'd like to encourage many to read Geralyn's "Under Siege" - it is an important, important piece of work, and challenges ALL. I tried once to hook it up with a college Theatre Dept - a great venue for it IMO, to no avail. I'd like to challenge someone to produce it. But please. Read this play. And THINK. It is why theatre is. --AN (1/18/06)

I am a teenage girl in desperate search of a forensics peice. My category this year is serious solo acting, which has a maximum time limit of 8 minutes. I came across your website and found Elaine's monologues from "Inquest" and was wondering if it would be alright for me to put a few of those monologues together for my peice. It's just the type of thing I'm looking for, and I can't find something like this anywhere! Please let me know ASAP! --DS (1/09/06)

I am a student of Dobson High School, and I am requesting to use your one-act play "Help Wanted" for a project my Drama Teacher has assigned me. As you stated on the website, I must have an okay from you to use your script. Allowing me to use it will be a great help for me. --AY (1/07/06)

GLH replies: Yes, you may. For an in-class presentation, this is all the permission you need. If it's public and tickets are sold there are formalities: simple, can be done via email-- but another step.

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