Essays on Modern Plays

by G.L. Horton

G.L. Horton's newest essays are now being posted on her stageblog.

Nudity in Contemporary American Plays
JPB asks: "Has a American written a play with nudity that is not sexual?" GLH replies: Yes, there are such plays, where the naked actor is old, lumpy, or disfigured. But the problem with plays like these is the same as with sexual nudity...

Revenge Plays
IMHO, almost all the cop or action movies or TV shows are revenge plays...

Author's Vision of a Play
ANIDOV wrote: "Actors/directors seem to think the author wrote only the text of the play. But the author "envisioned" all of it -- setting, space..." GLH replies: Sometimes, sometimes not...

On Weddings and Bridging Cultures
In America our favorite plot has always been a boy and girl from different backgrounds, especially religious backgrounds, falling in love and getting together to marry, and their reluctant families coming to accept that we are all Americans...

Intellectual Plays
I suspect that "intellectual" plays continue to be written, but are dumbed down or souped up during the path to production. One of the maxims of contempory dramaturgy...

Naomi Wallace
WB wrote: "Naomi Wallace [is] incredible [but] unrecognized by her own country." GLH replies: "Unrecognized" is a little too strong: perhaps "unrewarded" or "unsupported"...?


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