Horton's Favorite Theatrical Links

People and places to visit.
These include the Home Pages of:

  •   fellow Theater Professionals
  •   organisations I have found helpful
  •   sites devoted to Local (Boston) Theater.

Acting Career Start-Up - Filled with information and resources for aspiring actors.

The Actors' Center - Arlington, VA - DC-area info for actors

Actorsource - resources for actors.

AisleSay - National Web Magazine of theatre reviews

American Theater Web - on-line resources

Arts Boston - Discount Tickets

Arts5.com - comprehensive arts directory, including the performing arts

Back Stage - Show-biz Weekly newspaper

Creativity & Performance - Karen Welling, LICSW - helping artists and athletes meet creative and performance challenges

Curtain Rising--6500 links

Community Theater Green Room - home of professional amateurs: A nice big resource page for community theaters - includes articles, humor, discussion board, scripts, links and a shop

Dramatic Exchange - texts of plays available for production

e-script - An editorial service for playwrights

The Goldsmith Playlist - London-based scripts listing

ICWP - InternationalWomen Playwrights Home Page

Market InSight - places to submit scripts (subscription service)

New York City Broadway theater tickets - If you're headed for New York and want to see a Broadway show, check out this site.

New York Theatre Wire - Info for NYC

ON THE AISLE - Reviews destined for AisleSay Boston, local news, opinion, and archives

Playbill On-line - the Broadway theatre program magazine

Playwrights on the Web - an international contact list for playwrights and their websites

PlaywrightsPage - Paul Thain's list of links to playwrights on the Web

Playwights Platform - Boston's developmental group for writers

The Playwriting Seminars - How-To for writers

Screenwriters and Playwrights HomePage - How-To for writers

The Stage

Stage & Screen


StageSource - Boston's organization for actors, directors, producers, and writers

Theatre Directories

Theatre E-books - Links with e-book references to the subject of theatre

Theater Magazine

Theater Mirror - Larry Stark's TheatreMirror - Greater Boston news listings and reviews

The VirtualLibrary - texts of playscripts and other dramatic literature on the Web

Hope you enjoy these sites as much as I do.


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