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ON WOMEN'S ISSUES - by G.L. Horton (1/15/03)

Don't forget history: some 20 years ago the women writers at the New York Times banded together and vociferously pointed out the gross male bias there -- for instance, that 70% of book readers and 55% of book writers are female, yet the Times reviewed 2-3 books by men for every one by a woman, and less than 10% of their regular book reviewers (and none of the theatre critics) were female.

A few of the pushy ringleaders were punished, but the NYTimes did concede, and over time moved, not to equality, but to much less of an imbalance.

This imbalance is returning again: war is both a distraction from domestic issues and, and, as a subject, one on which it seems "natural" that only man-the-warrior should be heard. What's the pundit m/f ratio in the media these days?


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