The Her-Rah! reading of 'Kintry Matters'

Pictures taken at the Her-Rah! event at the Cambridge Public Library, Central Square, Nov 2003

Event Sponsored by: ICWP, the International Centre for Women Playwrights.

Read the one-act play Kintry Matters. To see larger versions of these photos, click on the images below.

  Noel Armstrong as Kintry, Jayk Gallagher as Hammond, Robert Bonotto as Blakenly --- the delivery of the mysterious trunk.
  Helen McElwain enters as Betty, the buxom tavern wench.
  Hammond urges Betty to hide in the trunk---Blakenly's coming!
  Betty wants to be sure she'll be paid what she was promised.
  Next stop Italy, Kintry?
  All's well that ends....


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