Talking to Terrorists

Press reviews

"Stark view of terrorists chills... the impact is both riveting and revolting, horrifying and hypnotic" —Terry Byrne, Boston Herald

"Sugan has done a superb job of assembling a cast of eight actors who fully animate the play's assortment of Western officials, Third World and European revolutionaries, and victims of terrorism" —Ed Siegel, Boston Globe

"guaranteed to generate dialogue about matters on which the American theater remains embarrassingly silent" —Bill Marx, WBUR

"riveting performances" —David Andrews, Standard-Times

"a much-needed piece of serious theatre" —Will Stackman, Aisle Say

Deconstructing Demons, Chris Bergeron, MetroWest Daily News.

For complete performance schedule and more press reviews, go to Sugan Theatre Company, then click on "current season" and "ticket info."


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