Ruling Passion

Pictures from MIT production, May 2004

Read the one-act play, Ruling Passion. To see full-size versions of these pictures, click on the images below.

cast of Ruling Passion  

The perpetrators

charging into the fray  

Charging into the fray

Cat fight  

Cat fight

Death of the moderator  

We may have a little problem here . . . can Eleanor Roosevelt solve it?

Joan of Arc  

Joan of Arc—who better to be voted The Outstanding Woman of History?

Three Outstanding Women of History  

Candidates for Outstanding Woman of History: Mary, Queen of Scotts; Cleopatra and Joan of Arc.

Moderator, Club President and 3 candidates for Outstanding Woman of History  

A vision of power: Dr. Archibald Price and the Duxbury Ladies' Literary Society President (as Catherine the Great of Russia), together with the three candidates for Outstanding Woman of History.


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